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BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL: Now that the word is out that Ronn Moss quit daytime, and it is supposedly due to a salary dispute and that he also wanted to venture out on some new projects. Fact of fiction? Is there more to this then just money? Insiders say yes and that also was hinted from the Big Kahuna himself. Many viewers can not stand the Liam/Steffy/Hope triangle and that three young people were now the focus of the show instead of Ridge and Brooke, the supposed 'super couple' of the show. Did Moss voice his opinion to Brad about the dilemma? Was he told that this show had to run towards the younger generation just like Ridge did in the early 90s? It makes sense if you think about it. Was Bridge losing its popularity? I would say so. Either way, Ronn has some projects in the fire he's going to be taking off on and hopes they succeed, because if they don't, he may find out that Brad has decided to replace him with another man.......On the 'reel' side, you've heard Thomas and Hope start spending more time together and Rick behind the scenes manipulates and works his anger and schemes to get Caroline away from Thomas. There were also plans to have Hope find out she's pregnant by Liam after he sets a date to remarry Steffy, even plans for Ridge to start becoming closer to Taylor much to the chagrin of Brooke. Unfortunately, ALL of the plans have changed, all of the directions are going different and as soon as I hear some solid information I will keep you posted....., it's like Donkey Kong here at Soaptown!

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