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Dec 31 2011, 02:10 PM
Jan 5 2010, 07:28 PM
So who was Gabi? Who raped her? I saw a YT promo about her rape trial.
Gabi was raped by a family member as a child. I'm thinking her father, but I can't remember exactly.

She first came to town to try and steal Paula's boyfriend Ricardo. Gabi & Ricardo slept together which caused Ricardo & Paula to break up. Paula left town, so Ricardo & Gabi got together. Gabi was a bad girl at first, but she became one of the heriones of the show. Ricardo's brother Antonio came to town and he and Gabi had a torrid affair. Antonio & Gabi were freaking HOT. Gabi married Ricardo though. Then Ricardo had a stroke or something and used it to keep Gabi in a marriage with him. He tried to get revenge on Antonio & Gabi, but at the end of the series he and Gabi finally broke up. Gabi decided to leave Sunset Beach at the end of the series. Priscilla Garita was one of my favorite actresses on the show.

My Favorite Storyline was probably the Caitlen/Cole/Olivia mess.

A drunken Olivia sleeps with her daughter (Caitlen) boyfriend (Cole). Olivia & Caitlen both wind up pregnant. Olivia & Caitlen end up in a horrific car crash (The car ended up driving off a cliff.) Olivia survived the crash, but Caitlen was missing and presumed dead. Caitlen was rescued by some Church hospital and nursed back to health, but she had lost the baby. Caitlen then faked her pregnancy to hold on to Cole, with the help of Annie. Annie was plotting to marry Gregory, so she wanted to destroy any love between Gregory & Olivia. Annie helped Caitlen fake her pregnancy, so she then stole Olivia's baby and passed it on to Caitlen. It was such a soapy mess.

It was Gabi's father (maybe it was step-father, though), but before that was revealed, Gabi accused Ricardo of raping her, for which Ricardo underwent a trial, but during the trial, Gabi broke down and remembered that she was sexually molested as a child. Good stuff. Paula left town after the trial.

And I loved that they took their time with the baby switch storyline. It just wouldn't work so well if they played it out in one year (something I liked during Days' Baby Switch too).

And Mikey, SuBe will stay my favorite soap too! Days will always be close by, but I somehow still liked SuBe more. I loved their big, umbrella storylines (Terror Island, Shockwave). And Shockwave is probably the best catastrophe ever made on soaps, IMO. Along with AMC's 1994 Tornado.


I miss SuBe now. *sigh*
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