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National Enquirer Spoilers
- Abigail learns that she has a roommate
- EJ desperately wants to win Sami back
- Daniel comes into dramatic conflict with Nick’s family
- Sonny tries his hardest to make amends with T
- Meanwhile, Sami offers a helping hand to Gabi.
- And Brady informs Kate that he’s giving her a promotion


**UPDATED 8/27**


Tuesday ("Advice")
Melanie seeks advice from Gabi; Nicole moves in with Jennifer.

Wednesday ("The Parole Hearing")
Melanie testifies at Nick's parole hearing; EJ begins to believe that Nicole might actually be carrying Rafe's baby.

Thursday ("Protecting Melanie")
Chad vows to keep Melanie away from Nick; Will is unaware of Sonny's true feelings for him.

Friday ("New Job")
Nicole learns the sex of her baby; Marlena gives Will some advice; Chad pops the question to Melanie.

**UPDATED 8/28**

Monday September 3:
"DOOL" is pre-empted.

Tuesday September 4:
Conflicted, Melanie has second thoughts about trying to stop Nick's parole.
Melanie goes to Gabi for advice.
Maggie assures Nick that despite her support of Melanie, she still loves him and wants the best for him.
Nick's parole hearing gets underway. Bo, Jessica and Hope speak up.
Melanie bursts into the hearing declaring she has something to say.
EJ confronts Sami about where they stand. She's not ready for a relationship. She has feelings for EJ but can't make promises.
EJ reveals to Sami he's still a DiMera.
Sami needs Rafe's help regarding her arrest.
Rafe rushes to Sami's side when a thief tries to steal her purse.
Sami is thrown against Rafe and they fall to the ground, their faces inches apart.
Lucas warns EJ that Sami will tire of him.

Wednesday September 5:
Melanie's unable to testify, when bad memories haunt her.
Melanie's testimony gets Nick out of jail.
Rafe and Sami find themselves 'in a warm moment'.
Sami asks if Rafe's really Nicole's baby daddy. He covers, saying he is. Sami's upset.
Nicole sees a moment between Rafe and Sami and dispenses advice.
Abigail turns on the heat with Cameron but soon backs out of sex.

Thursday September 6:
Chad, Daniel, Maggie and Jessica are stunned when it’s announced Nick was granted parole.
Melanie feels partially responsible for Nick.
Brady believes Nick could be more dangerous than ever.
Chad and Mel make love.
Kate gets a promotion - more power overall at Titan.
Kate taunts Sami and vows to destroy her.
Sami offers to hire Gabi back at CW.
Chad refuses to allow Gabi to go back to modelling.
Will tells Kate he's nursing a broken heart.
Sonny tries making amends with T and manages a tiny bit of progress.

Friday September 7:
Sami stews over Rafe's insistence that he's Nicole's baby daddy.
Marlena tells Sami to focus on her kids.
Rafe thinks Sami fired Gabi and lashes out. He soon apologizes when he hears the truth.
Rafe tells Sami he could never hate her.
Kayla returns to the hospital as Chief-of-Staff.
Daniel worries when Kayla wants to rehire Jenn as Director of Communications.
Nicole learns her baby's a boy.
Sonny and Will almost talk when they're interrupted by Chad and Brian.
Marlena counsels Will.
Melanie learns Nick must stay in Salem as part of the terms of his parole.
Chad pays Nick a threatening visit.
Chad proposes marriage.


Mel starts to have misgivings about trying to keep Nick in the clink. In desperation, she turns to Gabi for some words of wisdom. Gabi has a hard time handling the pressure and nearly confesses, but checks herself and just tells Mel to make sure Nick stays away. Meanwhile, Nick’s parole hearing begins. Jessica and Hope speak up for him and he makes a passionate plea to the board about how he has been reformed. Melanie suddenly runs in. She’s about to speak but has so many flashbacks she needs to leave the room. Everyone fusses until she returns and offers her testimony. Nick gets parole. Her family is shocked, but this is what Mel wanted. She hugs Maggie and explains she did this for her. Mel and Chad go home for sex while Brady fumes that Nick must be more dangerous than ever. Things get worse when Nick decides to stick around town instead of leaving with his mom. Hearing of this, Chad decides to threaten the newly released convict before going back home to ask Mel to marry him.

Brady gives Kate a promotion at Titan. With this good news perking her up, she decides to go off and taunt Sami. She vows to destroy her once again. Sami’s having a hard enough time running CW as it is. She’s just learned that Gabi and Chad quit. She begs Gabi to come back but Chad refuses to allow it. Gabi mopes all over town. Sami urges her son to comfort her. That idea makes Will uncomfortable. He mopes around town until he runs into Grandma Kate. He grumbles to her about his suspicion that Sonny is smitten with Brian. Meanwhile, Sonny longs to be with William. They almost go on a date but it falls through.

Elvis corners Sami. He wants to know where they stand, or at least when they’ll be lying down together. She has feelings for him but won’t make any promises. When she turns to Rafe and offers to listen to his worries about Gabi, things start to warm up between them. They cool fast when her lawyer interrupts to point out how much she needs Rafe’s sympathy to fight off the charges against her. Rafe feels like he’s being used and lectures her. Later, she’s mugged and Rafe comes to the rescue. The thief shoves them together. Having her land on top of him reminds Rafe of why he used to like her. He takes her to the hospital to be checked out. She confronts him about whether or not he’s really the father of Nicole’s baby. He covers. This really burns her grits. She vents to Marlena about it. Her mom tells her to focus on her kids instead. Sami has another run-in with Rafe. They bicker about Gabi and then things cool down. He tells her he could never hate her.
Lucas miffs EJ by warning him that he is just another shlub in Sami’s stable of men. Elvis starts to worry that she’ll leave him for whoever is playing hard to get. Lucas tells him that if he wants to keep her away from Rafe, he needs to make sure that Rafe remains the father of Nicole’s baby. That gives EJ an idea and Johnny helps him work out the logistics.

Salem gets its version of The Odd Couple when Nicole moves in with Jenn. Nic tells Felix, er, Jenn, that she and Daniel are very close. This twists Jenn’s nickers. Over at the hospital, bartender and occasional doctor, Kayla, is magically appointed to take over as chief of staff. That makes perfect sense to Daniel, but he starts to worry when she wants to bring Jenn back to work there. Before he can do anything to stop it, Kay offers her the job. Nic shows up with news that her baby is a dude and catches the doctor ranting to an orderly about how terrific Jenn is.

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