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Aug 22 2012, 08:27 PM
Aug 22 2012, 08:12 PM
Sami offers Gabi A Helping Hand-So let me guess. Either Sami will be rewritten to not like Sonny when she loved him with the old writing or she now won't accept that Will is gay and wants him back with Gabi? Or does Gabi try and make Sonny look bad in Sami's eyes so gets Sami to help keep Will and Sonny apart? I despise Gabi because I know that is where this is headed from the sounds of this spoiler.
Come' on! Sami is an expert in a lot of things. Helping Gabi could range from teaching her:

-Shooting 101
-Cheating 101
-Shouting 101
-Blackmailing 101
-Pretend to Fight 101
-Blame Others 101
-Overreact 101
-Scared of falling from a 2 feet tall platform 101
-Yell at Mama 101
-Crack-ho Flashbacking 101
-Grief Sex 101
-Couch Sex 101
-Pretend to be a good mama 101
-Me Me Me 101
Lol and don't forget selling babies, how to change a paternity test, raping a guy and LOTS of other stuff. Sadly that's when I actually loved Sami when she was at worse.
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