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I just finished up season 11, which surprised me and is now one of my all-time favorites. There was stuff that didn't work, for example the casting of Amanda or that Val was dumbed down to be paired with Danny (who was *also* too black/white villain), but overall it was brilliant. I used to consider it so boring, but I don't know what I was thinking!

I LOVED Tom and Paige as a couple and how that Oakman story involved almost the entire cast, without it seeming contrived. You start with Jeri and Aunt Ginny, which get Mack involved, which gets Tom involved and then Mary Frances shows up and reveals Greg is involved. It just went on and on and was so much fun to watch! I also loved the triangle with Michael/Linda/Eric. I just hate Eric wasn't on more.

Karen's stalker story was a page turner and Robin Strasser stole every scene of every episode she appeared in. Why they didn't make her a regular is beyond me. I could've done with a lot less Anne and move Dianne into the cul-de-sac as a true successor to Abby. I thought Claudia was too dark, Linda was too young for that role and Anne under the Lechowick's was too much of a comedy character. Anne only got her luster back during the final season IMO.

Another disappointment I will say, is that they couldn't turn Olivia into a proper adult character. I think that goes in line with the Lechowick's not understanding Abby. Michael, Olivia and Linda all could've been better utilized as a next generation.
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