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Aren't these the same comments that were made about DH and Mardar? At some ppint Days has to stick with the HWs and go with it. You can't keep changing HWs every year.
You can if ratings continue to tank.

And to give MarDar some credit, their honeymoon period lasted a couple of months before their stories went from sugar to shit. T&W 2's official episodes have aired perhaps a week, and the stink of "been there, done that, hated it the first time" is already thick in the air. Because unlike MarDar, they've been in charge before, and their stuff resulted in lower ratings and their previous firing. Why they were reinstated when they weren't getting the job done the first time is inexplicable.

Sadly, I suspect the show's days (no pun intended) are numbered. But T&W 2 are not the ones I want to see at the helm during its last voyage. I shudder at the very thought of them scripting the show's finale.
Part of the reason Mardar's honeymoon period lasted a few months was because they brought back vets which excited fans. But for the most part they did nothing with them while trashing characters and couples.
So who is in charge? NBC, Sony, Tomsell or a combination? If it is NBC or Sony then they are directing what is written, correct? IDK- just throwing it out there.
We have no idea who's in charge. We can only guess. What we do know is that what's currently airing is VERY similar to what was airing the last time TomSell were employed. We also know that what's currently airing is what they were writing and filming when the actors were telling us NBC had intervened. To me, it sounds like TomSell and NBC are on the same page. What we also know is that there are at least two other entities fighting for control, so the upper hand could move by even next week. No one knows for sure, but my opinion is that we're going to be seeinga lot of flip flopping over the next few months while they all fight.
I agree, it does seem as if Tomlin is doing his level best to erase the past year. To make it comparable, MarDar would have to have started their first two weeks off by killing off Daniel, and having EJ and Sami holding hands and flashing back to their happier times trice weekly. Plus I'd wager Will impregnating Gabi before he came out of the closet was in Tomlin's long term story for winter of 2012, and it's just being moved back to winter of 2013. He's apparently not hampered by said twist now being totally out of place. Of course, Tomlin/Higley were fired just a year ago for poor ratings, so it's difficult to see how going backwards is a winning formula. :shrug:
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