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While I've said all season that this season sucks...The finale was 50/50 for me. I love Lafayette and his margaritas...Glad some of the Lafayette I know is back. I wish they'd bring back his bad-ass-ness though. But Arlene and Holly in the background is sort of where they belong. The Andy stuff was silly...But Andy to me is a "comic relief" character anyway so I guess I'm ok with it. Bringing all those babies into the mix is ridonkulous though.

I hate that Russell was killed so easily. He and Maryann are my favorite ever villains on this show.

Bill becoming the new Lilith was sooooooo STUPID! Bill was never my favorite to begin with but he beyond sucks now. I was really hoping he'd actually just be dead. That I could have been down with.

I still wish I cared about Sam and Luna...but I don't.

Alcide's story just got a bit more interesting, although the chick playing Ricki is a horrible actress.

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