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^Yes. I haven't cared much for this season at all...or last season...but the last two episodes really had some exciting movement.
And maybe I'm not smart enough to follow along, but I didn't get much of the stories...I didn't follow anything with the fairies or the fairy babies, didn't follow Warlow or what was happening with Jason's visions, didn't get how Lafayette went from crazy hillucinating possessed bru-ho killing his lover and his mouth sewn shut to flaming Lafayette serving drinks in two days? But I'm glad he is back.
Didn't really care for anything to do with either Andy or Terry Bellefleur either.

I like Tara and Pam and Sookie (in low doses) and Alcide and Eric...and Bill. But for 10 seconds, I couldn't believe they killed him off and got all excited...and then Billith shows up and that was pretty nuts.

Pretty sucky season, but pretty good finale.
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