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Aug 26 2012, 10:29 PM
I think they'd be idiots to just renew based on a week's worth of shows that preceeded a two week hiatus...I think renewing it after September makes the most sense IF September moves stories, which IMHO I doubt September will move anything.....

I seriously think that Days does 'events' better than they do a show...if the ratings prove anything is that the viewers are still around waiting for something to watch....the test is if they could sustain those viewers and not lose them and then some a month after the 'events'....in the past they haven't been able to do that.....I doubt they will this time again.
And think about it. If you're a viewer that's viewing has lapsed, you see the CH and get interested & tune back in what are you met with?

Jack dies & within a day Maggie is pimping Dannifer.

Ejami on the run & making out then BOOM there's the hairy one complete with flashbacks (not to mention we got not one flashback of J&J).

Gabi, the one responsible for all the mayhem is found out & nothing of any consequence happens except Chad makes his best mad face.

Nicole goes from almost losing her baby to pathetically pining after Doc OrangeGlow while he keeps holding his phone & talking to "mom" about Jennifer.

Stefano's back for one show & then inexplicably gone.

Will/Sonny seem to be going somewhere & then BOOM he sleeps with Gabi.

TomSell completely F'd this one up.

The ratings will drop substantially. I'm calling it now.

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