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I agree, it does seem as if Tomlin is doing his level best to erase the past year. To make it comparable, MarDar would have to have started their first two weeks off by killing off Daniel, and having EJ and Sami holding hands and flashing back to their happier times trice weekly. Plus I'd wager Will impregnating Gabi before he came out of the closet was in Tomlin's long term story for winter of 2012, and it's just being moved back to winter of 2013. He's apparently not hampered by said twist now being totally out of place. Of course, Tomlin/Higley were fired just a year ago for poor ratings, so it's difficult to see how going backwards is a winning formula. :shrug:
I think the good news for some of us is that it doesn't seem like whatever they planned to do is going to happen the way they originally wanted it to. So while I find it incredibly annoying that they're just rewinding back to another time that also drove me as a viewer away, there's a chance that it might not be "permanent." I don't think we've seen Sony's influence yet. Of course, we could hate that, too, but at least maybe it will be different. Maybe? I'm hoping that maybe the fact that all they did was rewind a year is what got other people involved in fighting for control. I guess we'll see. And we may never really know what is whose influence. I don't really care. I just want a show I find entertaining.
Care to elaborate cause, frankly, I am confused. What parts may not be permanent?
All of it. I'm not sure what you want me to elaborate on.
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