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Yeah, I've seen where several of the spoiler/mags people are saying that someone (be it NBC or Sony) stepped in shortly after TomSell started & "slapped their wrists".

So I'm betting we'll be seeing changes across the board in the next month or so.
If this is true, thank goodness, because this show took a nosedive last week.

Even though this Nick story doesn't make any sense, I do like that it's causing some Horton family turmoil.
This is what confuses me. Didn't tptb hire Tomsell? Didn't they have a say in and approve their story ideas and isn't that why TomSell was told no dream sequence of the last year? So why don't these execs have their act together and get set on a direction for Days? They are going to end up driving fans away with this back and forth garbage.
Soap execs never seem to know what fans want. These are the same execs who hired the people who just got fired. They're probably largely the same people who hired DH after OLTL ran her off of their show, and after she'd already failed at being Days' head writer before. There's no logical explanation for why any of these things would be a good idea.
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