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Gone, But Not Forgotten!

I am with the poster that commented on interesting spoilers, but not interesting enough to come back and make them watch and the poster that predicted that this week, NBC will see the viewership drop like flies.

I read these posts after I made my choice to stop watching (Monday, Aug 27th epi). I felt the same way about DAYS. TomSell's shift is now on and I am having trouble get invested in any of their SLs. I hate short SL arcs with MB leaving or NB & BB coming, but only for a short stint, makes me think ED is in the same boat. I much prefer a long SL that encompasses most Salemites. No BOPE or Jarlena for so many weeks now and........ I am already in Jack withdrawl... so tell me what is there to hang on to? Nick getting in or out of jail is just not enough for me to make time to watch. TPTB are getting too character focused right now. I hate it!
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