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I read on DC that Duke is back?! Where can I read a daily recap?! Damn it. I will have to put this back on my DVR again. Even though I think the poisoned water thing is stupid. And I guess I'm the only person in the world who is NOT a fan of Jerry Jax. I think SR is seriously over rated. I liked the metro hostage story, but they shouldn't have made him Jerry Jax. I just don't think SR is capable of playing levels or colors. He is just always smarmy. I never buy that he actually loves anyone or is ever torn. Boring.

But wow! Good for GH for keeping IB's return a secret!!! Soaps never are able to surprise people like this anymore! I wonder if TR will be back as well?

As for Duke lavery's history - he was before my time. I had to catch up via google and YouTube. He and Anna Devans were a super couple. He was a gangster and she was the police commissioner. They fell in love. He gave up the mob and was killed. He then came back as another actor (plastic surgery after the explosion I think?). And he was killed off again.

The scenes I saw on YouTube - he had a brooding, intense quality. He and Anna had a very Intense, romantic, sexy vibe. Whereas Anna and Robert were lighter - funny banter between best friends with underlying sexual tension. But the sexual tension between Anna and Duke was palpable and undeniable. From the first moment they met.

Wow!! I can't wait to see Anna and Duke together.

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