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Ok. I just caught today's episode on YouTube! ITA, Crazygirl. Duke is helping Robin. Or maybe he is under mind control as well? I loved the shot of IB as Duke. He didn't say a word - but there was so much in his expression! I saw pain and anguish. Anyone else?

And I liked seeing Tracey with someone besides Luke. Seems silly that this other mobster would suddenly grow a heart. But I will take it if it means Luke finally has to compete for Tracy.

Anna's scenes with faux Robin were heartbreaking! FH is soooo good. Cannot wait to see FH and IB in scenes together!!! :cheer:

And I loved seeing Patrick save Elizabeth. Love their friendship.

I hate the water story. It's like watching a Batman villain story line. And I hate that Jason is working with John. Jason is NOT a hero. I bought it for the first few years. But it's gotten old. Jason is a hit man. He is a goon by choice. I want McBain to take him and Sonny down.

But I'm excited that Duke's return was kept secret. And I can't wait for the scrubs reunion. So GH is on my TiVo! I hope Mac comes out of retirement to help. And I hope Robert comes back. It would be fun to watch Robert and Jax - invasion of the Aussie heroes. LOL.

Finally, if Jerry has an antidote - why doesnt he take it? Looks like he is sick himself! So glad we are not spoiled. Hope the ratings go up in September!!!
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