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Why does FV think Anna/Luke romance is popular? I've ony read a negative reaction. That's how I feel, anyway. Anna and Luke. :puke:

Sooooo wish the triangle was Duke/Anna/Robert!!! I'm sick of everyone being in love with Luke. He's a deutsch bag. He killed Felicia's character. Disgusted to hear that Felicia cheated on Mac with Luke. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.

Anna must be out of her mind with grief to hook up with Luke. And I do NOT to wait 5 weeks to see Duke again!! This is the problem with the new team at GH - lack of consistency!! I will get excited about a story line I read in the boards, put the show on DVR, and the cool story line is dropped!

There are some gold nuggets in the show. But there is also a lot of shit like DID, Carly/Johnny, new Kristina and Trey, reality mob princess show, etc. this show won't raise ratings without some freaking consistency!

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