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I have been a watcher of all three abc soaps for years. My favorite was One life to live. I LOVE General Hospital and the way it is being written lately it is very exciting and lots happening. everyday is a MUST SEE. One thing i am completly annoyed with is Carly. What makes her SOOO special that she a married women has to have not one but three men on her doorstep. Jax is her husband i can see that but johnny is a nice looking guy who can get any women why hook up with Carly! Then there is Todd Manning my all time favorite soap character. His relationship with carly makes me the most annoyed. When abc announced the oltl people were going to gh they promised THE MANNINGS. That includes Todd BLAIR, Starr, son JACK son SAM. So far all we got is Todd and Blair on for a short time twice. Plus the gh writers are throwing a carly todd hookup down our throats. I never liked carly if she should be with anyone it is Jax or Sonny. I dont mind a friendship between carly and todd but further then that i would not want to see. What Todd needs is Blair back soon. I heard FrankValentini say she will be back in the fall for a longer period of time and im glad cant wait. Carly needs some competition in port charles and todd needs the love of his life back with him. :makeout:
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