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I agree Danny. I'm tired of the returnees, though I like the idea behind these three returning. At least Mike and Russell haven't played two or three times already like Rob and Russell Hantz and Coach. Though I'm over it. I hope after Season 26 we get a normal season.

Probst seems to like this season so take that for what it might be worth. But he also bases it on conditions at wherever they are.

And I really liked One World, too. It wasn't spectacular but I thought it was a good season overall. Of course Probst hates it because women dominated and one won. I though the drama, especially towards the end game, was great. It had a brief stagnant period but I like how ruthless the women were and how they stuck together (well, Kat's epic little blindside was pretty great). Kat, Sabrina, Kim and Chelsea are all worthy returnees at some point. I hope Probst's bias doesn't stop them from being asked back.
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