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Yes, and this show needs to be smart and continue the "mini-cliffhangers" throughout the rest of its run! Its not impossible to do, GH does it EVERY episode. GH's ratings don't reflect it, but it is super smart, IMO. I haven't watched a soap that has had me guessing what is to come next the way GH does in a looooooooong time. Maybe ever. DAYS has a different audience from GH so I think its worth a shot.

I'm crediting the ratings to Stefano, WilSon, Ian/Kate, and Julie. And if the ratings are still climbing next week I will give the credit almost solely to the Julie vs. Maggie scenes. (disclaimer : this is a joke, but its the only things I have really enjoyed)

NBC has the spin machine in full effect! The numbers aren't great, but they are climbing and NBC is actually pimping DAYS. This has to be incredible news for the show and they are peaking at the right time. I might not be enjoying the show as much as I want to, but I don't want it gone. Like Ellie said, this is usually the time they try to reel in the audience any way they can and then they start trying to actually write actual good soap. It usually blows up in their face, but whatever.

Tomlin is basically going to be praised as a God after he saves DAYS for a second time. And I'm not even close to a Tomlin fan.

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