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Monday ("The Moment")
EJ interrupts Sami and Rafe's important conversation; Melanie talks to Abigail about Chad's marriage proposal.

Tuesday ("Going Forward")
Nick is pleasantly surprised when Caroline offers him a job at the pub; Nicole gives Jennifer a stern warning.

Wednesday ("The Love Triangle")
Rafe tries to get Sami to cancel her date with EJ; Sonny opens up to Adrienne about his feelings for Will.

Thursday ("The Kiss")
Sami is stunned when Rafe kisses her; Chad asks EJ to be his best man.

Friday ("EJ Looks to Get Even")
EJ is angry after Sami cancels their date; Nicole tries to drive a wedge between Daniel and Jennifer.


Rafe acts on his emotions and surprises Sami. EJ and Sami decide to rekindle their love once more. Will cautions his mother to be careful with her heart when she tells him of her plans to reunite with EJ.


**UPDATED 9/1**

National Enquirer Spoilers
-Rafe begins to realize what EJ's plan is all about.
-Quite by accident, Abigail unintentionally spills the beans to Jennifer.
-EJ and Sami decide to rekindle their love once again.
-Nicole confides in Rafe about her feelings for Daniel.
-Gabi and Chad face off.
-Jennifer seeks out Daniel to apologize.

**UPDATED 9/4**

Wk of September 10th

Monday September 10:
Sami asks Rafe how he feels about her, leading to a fraught moment.
Rafe can't get romantic thoughts of Sami out of his head.
Hope informs EJ he must resign as mayor.
Daniel sympathizes with Jenn.
Nicole watches as Daniel passionately defends Jennifer to a bitter coworker.
Nicole asks Daniel to be the godfather, and Daniel accepts, based partly on his bittersweet memories of Parker
Kayla and Abe have a nice encounter as they talk about Kayla taking over Lexieís old job as hospital Chief of Staff.
Melanie is stunned by Chadís proposal and thinks heís doing this because Nick is getting released from prison.
Melanie comes face-to-face with Nick.
Abigail admits to Cameron she's never had sex.

Tuesday September 11:
Melanie is shocked to see Nick at Maggie's. Maggie apologizes for not warning her that Nick had moved in.
Tension between Nick and Caroline is high.
NIck apologizes to Caroline for letting her take the rap for Trent's murder.
Caroline surprises Nick with an offer.
Jenn and Abigail fight.
Nicole finds Daniel sympathizing with Jenn, which makes her wary.
Kate gives Sami a reminder of the way she bounces from man to man.
EJ and Sami make romantic plans.

Wednesday September 12:
EJ spends the day multitasking Ė with one hand he is prepping for a romantic evening to win over Sami Ė and with the other, he is starting the ball rolling to take legal action to get custody of Nicoleís baby.
Nicole confides her feelings for Daniel to Rafe.
Nicole gives Rafe advice.
Rafe hopes to talk Sami out of dating EJ.
Adrienne is dismayed when Sonny reveals he has feelings for Will.
Jennifer and Brady both ditch their group grief counseling session - and end up consoling each other over a friendly snack.

Thursday September 13:
Sami reacts to Rafeís declaration that EJ is not the man for her. Sami, inwardly hopeful, asks who Rafe thinks she should be with if not EJ.
Rafe's unable to tell Sami how he feels.
Rafe pulls Sami into a searing kiss.
Adrienne explains that while she adores Will, she feels like he comes with too much baggage Ė namely his parents.
Meanwhile, Will finally gets T to reveal that Sonny is into Will and was never with Brian.
Will tries to clear the air with Sonny. He indirectly shares his feelings.
Meanwhile, Melanie shares her good news with Abigail and Gabi, asking them to be in the wedding.
Stuck, Gabi's forced to accept Mel's offer.
Gabi and Nick meet.
Bo supports Caroline's decision to hire Nick.
EJ is asked to be best man.

Friday September 14:
EJ gets an unwelcome surprise when Sami tells him she canít go on their date. Sheís flustered off kissing Rafe and makes up an excuse that doesnít hold water with him.
Nicole, hating the idea of Jennifer and Daniel working together, does what she can to derail them from getting any closer
Chad threatens to expose Gabi for what she did to Melanie if she doesnít get herself out of the wedding.
Gabi finally stands up for herself, telling Chad that if he does tell Melanie the truth, itíll inevitably come out that heís known for a while and kept it from he
Mel tells Chad that Maggie thinks the wedding is a reaction to Nick's return. Melanie assures him this isn't true. Chad stuffs his guilt.
Will and Sonny resolve to take things slow.


Mixed signals.

Sami quizzes Rafe about his feelings for her. Before he can give her an answer, Elvis interrupts. Rafe walks off and bumps into Lucas, who tips him off about how EJ is exploiting the baby situation with Nicole for his own gain. Thatís almost enough to make Rafe come clean with Sami about not being the father but he stops himself.

Back at Samiís, EJ attempts to get her off her feet and into a different position, but that hits a snag when Hope rears her head. She informs him he needs to resign as mayor. He doesnít take much convincing. Later, Sami gets a visit from Kate, who tears into her about being a loose woman who sucks men dry. Sami realizes that she ruins menís lives, but she agrees to go out on a date with EJ anyway. Rafe returns and tries to talk her out of this.

She hopes heís making a pass at her but he wonít admit it. They have the familiar bickering match. When that hits a wall, they wind up kissing. Once he pulls himself away to get some oxygen, he runs. EJ arrives to pick her up for their date but she puts the kibosh on that plan. He guesses this about Rafe and does his best to hide his intense rage.

Will isnít thrilled to hear that his mom is entertaining the possibility of a relationship with EJ. Heís a little happier to hear that Sonny is really smitten with him. That news is not sitting well with Adrienne though. She still thinks that Will is a flake and tells her son so. Sonny tells her he doesnít think theyíll wind up together. Will shows up to change his mind and admits that the attraction is mutual.

Abe helps Kayla settle into her new job running the hospital. Jenn isnít being so helpful. Sheís still raw from losing Jack and has been rubbing people the wrong way. Nicole chokes a bit as Daniel runs around the hospital defending Jennís re-hiring. Nic tries getting the focus back on herself by asking him to be the godfather of her little boy.

Meanwhile, Jenn goes home and accidentally overhears her daughter leaving a naughty voicemail for Cameron. Jenn panics about whether or not her genius daughter knows elementary biology. It turns out that Abby is actually a virgin. They have a big fight about all sorts of things. Jenn stomps out and runs into Daniel. He lets her use him as a hanky.

Nicole putters along and finds them. She is not impressed. Once the doctor leaves, Nic tells her fellow blond to steer clear, reminding her that she already messed up Danielís life once. Nicole mopes off to Rafe. He encourages her to start being more honest with everyone about what she wants. She tells him to try the same thing.

Jenn and Brady are both supposed to be in grief counseling. They decide to play hookie and wind up counseling each other instead. Later, Rafe runs into him and is also in need of advice. He unloads about his Sami problems. Just then, Elvis pops up and wants to pound on him.

Melanie is shocked when Chad pops the question to her. She has to go away and think about it. This leads to her looking to Maggie for advice. However, when she arrives at Maggieís mansion, sheís startled to discover that Nick is living there. She does her best to pretend she isnít horrified. Nick and Maggie donít buy it and are apologetic. Nick starts to think that he should find somewhere else to live. He needs to get a job too. Taking a walk, he winds up at the pub. He apologizes to Caroline for nearly letting her go to jail for Trentís murder. Sheís willing to let him prove heís changed so she offers him a job.

Meanwhile, Mel hurries back to Chad and agrees to marry him. She decides to ask Gabi and Abby to be in her wedding party. Chad yanks Gabi aside and tells her to find a way out of this. He runs off and asks EJ to be his best man. Mel and the others head to the pub. Nick works there so things donít go well. He winds up having a conversation with Gabi and they share a connection. Later, Chad corners her again and repeats his warning. Sheís sick of this crap so she points out that she can reveal that heís known her dirty secret for awhile and done nothing about it.

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