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Mrs. H and Mr. B

Aug 30 2012, 11:22 PM
:offs: Sounds like it took Sami all of 3 Salem Days to change her mind about EJ. So much for Sami putting on the brakes to their relationship. Do the TPTB think the viewers are morons? I wonder if Sami decides to reunite with EJ, because she thinks RAFE is done with her? EJ and Sam 'rekindle' their love, I guess they have sex. Will warning Sami to be careful with her heart? WTF is up with that, I much prefer Will pissed at Sami and wanting her to die alone.
Didn't you know, Sami makes all the men in her life her bitches. This is what I waited since March to deal with? Sami making all the decisions on her love life when all the men in her life should tell her to fuck off. Oh, I see it now, poor star-crossed lovers Safe will be kept apart by big bad EJ who becomes a pathetic excuse for a graveling man and plays dirty games to win back that holy vagina, and Lucas, after being freshly dumped by Sami, stands by her side to protect her from EJ and try to get Safe back together -- how sweet of him. Rafe although knowing Sami is probably banging EJ on her lunch breaks from her fake job will pine day and night over the easy lay he lost and vow to win her back. Oh, God, Sami makes the men in her life so damn sexy, huh?
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