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camera shy

Aug 31 2012, 12:39 AM
Look at it THIS way and it's funny...

OK, Sami and Rafe get interupted when having a serious talk by evil EJ. (remember he is playing dirty here) Rafe was probably on the verge of telling Sami that he is not the father of Nicole's baby. (Maybe that's the suprise he has for her?) but he doesn't get to finish telling her. So Sami leaves thinking he is the father..

So Sami runs to Ej and tells him she wants to rekindle their abusive relationship (or whatever they call it) to spite Rafe.

OK NOW remember back to 2010 when Sami saw Rafe with Nicole, got jealous, and ran back and told Ej she would marry him... Remember how that worked out for him??? Remember the glorious scene with Rafe walking in carrying the CD of EJ's evil secrets into the wedding and stopping the wedding??
Good times, Good times.

I think this is TomSell doing a rerun of that little deal--and I sure hope it's as much fun this time around!
At the time in 2010, when Rafe stopped her from marrying EJ, she even threw it in his face, threw it and rubbed it, that the only reason why she was marrying him was because she couldn't have Rafe. Talk about not having any pride in yourself. Honestly, James Scott must like playing the fool, not too long ago he praised Tomlin's work and said MarDar's stuff was pretty much unwatchable. At least under MarDar, they wrote Sami as actually wanting EJ and not settling for him because she couldn't have Rafe. Now he's back to being the dumb, desperate interloper who'll never win.
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