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Viewing Single Post From: B&B: Spoilers for the week of Sept 10th
just joey

Aug 31 2012, 04:01 AM
SNS The Week of September 10 14

With their family and children by their sides, Ridge and Brooke take a walk down the aisle to become husband and wife.

Ridge makes a surprising and risky gesture when he invites his guests to share what his and Brooke's wedding means to them.

Stephanie makes a spontaneous and lighthearted speech about her and Brooke's ups and downs.

Taylor is pleased when Thorne chooses to spend Ridge's wedding day comforting her.

Steffy's attendance at Brooke and Ridge's wedding prompts mixed emotions.

Convinced that Hope and Liam will eventually get back together, Thomas brushes off Steffy's suggestion that his feelings for Hope have resurfaced.

Rick steps in by letting Hope know that Thomas still cares for her.

Urging Thomas to pursue Hope, Rick reminds Caroline that she has another option besides Thomas.

Caroline keeps a close watch on Thomas, ready to do whatever is necessary to save her relationship with him.

Liam wonders why Hope suddenly suspects that he cheated on her with Steffy the night before their second wedding.

Bill is determined to transform Liam into a "real" Spencer.

Ronn Moss, who has played the part of Ridge Forrester since Day 1 in 1987, exits on Friday, September 14.

COMING: Brooke returns from her honeymoon -- forever changed.
:flipoff: This is what I think of Liam still having his head up "Hopes ass hole".Is he :scared: to be "BACK" with a Real woman like "STEFFY"? That he can't figure out why Hope still suspects that HE (Liam), was unfaithful the night before Their "Last supposed Wedding? Has Liam ever showed hope that he can stay away from Steffy? I'm no fan of Hopes, but she needs to make sure that she is "Really Done" with Liam. As she does not need to play head games With THOMAS'S feelings, just because she's Pissed Off with Liam. Liam needs proffessional help "BEFORE" he starts drinking or taking pills. Liam should be :dancing , Like he did at the club. He so enjoyed his time with "Steffy". Everytime that he's with Steffy, he glows with really being happy. The writers should just end this rediculous triangle with "STEFFY/Hope/, Liam shit. :shit hitfan: :offs: Even Phyliss from Y&R, is looking better, than the "TRIANGLE FROM HELL", on the B&B. And that is a real :whack: to the head To actually think that :yahoo: Get that "Supposed scene that was suppose to have aired on WED.Aug 29th" :makeout: The one where STEFFY & LIAM was suppose to have had a "PASSIONATE RE-UNITE". :cheer: I have "Never known or met , any man that acts so pussy :whipped., as Liam does around Hope. And it's "Definately not because he's "IN LOVE" with her. Put Liam & Steffy back together, :yahoo: for Good. OR All I can say is "B&B" :rip: .
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