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"It’s going to be fun to take her to a place where she’s lost everything and has to completely re-evaluate her life and do some major rebuilding if she’s to win back the respect from her family and friends."

This sounds good, hopefully with MAB finally gone we can have a story that finally tells us why Sharon has been doing what she's been doing instead of just having her doing everyone. I agree too, no instant cure. This could actually be a great storyline for SC.

Billy: Billy forms and unholy alliance that could have stunning repercussions. Billy is going to be following a story where he thinks he’s going in one direction but stumbles onto something else. He will hooks up with someone who you don’t expect in order to keep a secret from his family, his wife and most of Genoa City. This is the kind of secret that could really get him into trouble with some pretty powerful people.

I'm guessing he's going to hook up with Gen. I smell the end of Vicky and Billy coming, don't know how they can survive if he keeps Victor away from Vicky.

Phyllis/Nick: Phyllis determination to conceal her connection to Dr. Tim’s death could end up destroying her marriage. Ronan sticks up for Phyllis but as is always the case, more lies. Ultimately, she’s not going to be able to keep up with all the lies. Nick finally says he’s had enough. “Phyllis has always been that take no prisoners kind of person. The writers say they want to take her further in that direction.

YES!! Take Phyllis back to the person she's supposed to be and not this stupid Stepford Wife they have tried to show with Nick for so long. That's when I actually can watch her and enjoy her. Enough with her clinging to Nick's legs and begging him to not leave her. Let the loser go and move on and become the bitch she's supposed to be.

These actually sound like a great start to the writing team. Hope they do it right.

Thanks for posting!
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