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Sammie Jo
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Aug 31 2012, 09:36 AM
I am pretty sure that new bunch will get rid of MY Tucker, I don't think JFP and Stephen get along from G.H. days. I just wish they would drop a hint how and when so I can know when to stop watching this show.

So is Tucker going to be the only one that goes to prison? With all the other criminals on the show, some of them should pay too. If Nick is right and Tucker had something to do with Victor disappearing and then Victor escape and ended up with amnesia, then Tucker woud be guilty of either attempted kidnapping or trying to harm Victor.

It has always been suspicious that Tucker showed at ranch about the time Victor came up missing.
Nah, I think Nick is just grasping at straws, how would Tucker have known that Victor was going to go out horseback riding on his wedding night and have someone waiting in the bushes to grab him?
I think he just fell off his horse and bumped his head, of course, no one knows how he got to L.A. or why, I'm sure he didn't have his wallet with him, and even if he did, if he used a credit card, it would have been traced.
That whole thing is just dumb, waaaay too many holes in it.
It is weird though about him showing up when he didn't really have an appt. :shrug:
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