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Jason/Sam/John/Liz: Jason stumbles into something that seems odd about Sam’s baby which leads him to start asking questions. Launching into the fall, Jason is on the trail and it will have huge consequences if he gets to the truth about the baby. In terms of their love lives, JaSam are in the midst of a divorce with Sam getting closer to John and Jason leaning toward Liz. Huge stuff coming with all these relationships. Jason and John will continue to find themselves where they have to work together.

Sonny/Kate: A wedding is in the works for Sonny and Kate, almost to the date of their first wedding when Kate got shot. Carlivati says, Connie is still inside there somewhere and Johnny is aware of that as is Todd. This is going to factor in Trey being Kate’s son.

Carly and Her Men: They are setting up a Johnny/Carly/Todd triangle, now that Jax has returned a quadrangle. Will CarJax go through with the divorce? Plus Jax starts to see that Todd and Johnny may have some sort of alliance going, he becomes suspicious.

Todd: What lengths will Todd go to keep Jason from finding out his secret? Todd and Heather are the only people that know that Jason is Sam’s baby bio-father. There is big stuff coming. Luke is going to return and have a strange reaction to Todd, leaving him with another secret to cover.

Joe/Tracy: Tracy knows Joe the antiques dealer, not the rapist and murderer. How will she react when she discovers the truth? Joe still has plans for Krissy and the entire Corinthos clan.

Maxie: She will figure prominently into the climax of an umbrella story and then will get back into her own story with Spinelli, Patrick, Mac, and Felicia, who behind closed doors have been rekindling their relationship. We will see more Felicia and Mac.

Spinelli: Jason will turn to him for help in solving the baby mystery. He is also softening toward Maxie but is shy when it comes to her. “It will be interesting to see if Maxie realizes that Spin is the guy for her and will it be too late when she figures it out.

Olivia Steve: Olivia’s hallucinations from LSD will continue to have real-world significance. Steve is going to have to deal with believing Heather and standing by Olivia.

Lulu/Dante: They are focused on having a family. Lots of sex and Romance. A new wrinkle will be added to the story. “It’s nice to have a couple that’s truly on a united front.”

Luke/Anna: It is going to be hard for Anna to swallow Luke’s lie. When Luke returns from dealing with the Ethan/Holly/Robert situation, the question is, will Anna take him back?

Patrick: He’s committed to getting himself clean and being a dad and doctor. As fall begins, he may dip his toe back into some sort of possible dating. He’s not looking for it, it sort of just happens.

Trey/Krissy/Starr/Michael: Trey is genuinely drawn to Krissy and starting to have real feelings for her. How will this affect what he’s up to? Will she learn the wedding had a bigger purpose? Fun coming with Starr and Michael.

Sean/Alexis: Jerry’s scheme fast tracked their crush. When the water crisis is over, will their feelings be the same? Do they still want the same thing?

Heather: We have not seen the last of Heather. She has many secrets, so don’t count her out just yet. “Todd and Heather are the new supercouple of GH [Laughs’]”

For more pick up the Sept 10 issue of Soap Opera Digest
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