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Bitches be crazy! Haters are gonna hate!

Sep 1 2012, 04:21 PM
Every Sami pairing has at some point in time been a ratings draw. I don't see an argument for one over the other. I also don't understand why any person in the world would want one of their favorites (Rafe, Lucas, EJ) paired with Sami. At this point I think its just about winning the fan base wars rather than having the actual pairing be on tv. I can't stand any of those pairings at this point.
Personally, to me, If something IS working, why change it now? If EJami are working, use them, If EJole are, use them, If Lumi are, use them, & god forbid, if Safe are also, use them. I don't think it's a fanbase thing, maybe it, maybe it isn't, agree to disagree, but not EVERYONE can be or will be happy with what couples they get & if they don't like the product, don't watch.
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