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Sep 1 2012, 04:41 PM
I don't remember Safe being a big ratings draw, not saying they weren't I just don't remember seeing it.

They were mainly a Higley creation and DAYS was bleeding viewers like a knife to the jugular.

I just saw the GH promo, I don't watch GH but I was tempted (Todd Manning), then I saw the new DAYS promo and it was so bad it was comical.
That new GH promo is better than any promo DAYS has put out. Even the ones we freak out about when they are first released. Also for being such a short promo it really kills DAYS' regular promos. Plus General Hospital went on location and from the looks of it it actually looks like golden age GH with Luke and Laura trying to save the world. Looks beautiful. I would kill for DAYS to be able to do that. Right now DAYS is killing it in the ratings compared to GH though, so people just like what they like. I don't understand it, but its working.
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