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GENERAL HOSPITAL: No surprise that Steve Burton has made the decision to leave GH, this had been coming for sometime. Now the big question everyone is asking will Jason die, just go away or will they recast? Sources say that TPTB are hurriedly penning a story. It is very hush hush but little tidbits have fallen through the cracks and one rumor is that someone gets the goods on Jason regarding Franco's murder. (Could be the new cop coming to town) and he is forced to get the hell out of dodge as they say. As for a recast "highly" doubtful, that would be like recasting Luke Spencer, this is never gonna happen! I guess we can say now that Jason is out of the picture all you Easton/Monaco fans it's full steam ahead. But not before Jason and Sam have their dream scenes where Sam is pregnant and with child and the couple looks happy, very happy!! But alias it is only a dream thanks to the pathogen......I am getting conflicting stories one that has Shawn acquainted with Jerry back in the day. Also hearing Alexis goes away with Jerry in order to save her girls. Will Jax kill his own brother or will Alexis kill him? Alexis goes with Jerry, but the people of PC thinks she was kidnapped, only to find out she went on her own. Grahn recently tweeted "I get to go on location for GH with just me and 5 hot hunks. Who died and went to heaven?".....The Robin mystery has come to a halt for now while the show concentrates on the pathogen arc, but you will see Robin sooner then later and Duke, who has Robin. I guess I should say the "real" Duke. I am hearing the Robin story may crisscross over to the tale of two Todd's which Ron wants to do very badly. Alot has to do with Victor's return and hopefully getting Trevor St John to come on board......Rumor has it that Heather and Alison Perkins have a connection, (no surprise there)....And speaking of remember those pictures that Todd sent to Natalie of John and Sam kissing? While many think it was Heather who took the photo get ready for a real surprise, because it was not Heather who took the picture but someone else...hmmm...Heather's lies, all of them, include a very old tangled web, that still needs to be revealed.....What if Trey has another secret?...What if Robin does not want to go home yet?

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