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Tuesday, Sept. 4th

Nicole and Dan at the hospital , she tells Daniel she cant live with victor
for 5 minutes
Dan says but Ej cant show up and harass you if you are living there
she says thats a little extreme there has to be another option
cant you think of anywhere else i could live?

rafe and gabi are eating breakfast at the pub
she asks him why was he in such a good mood
he flashbacks to when sami told her Gramma she wasnt with Ej
he says nothing just

Ej comes to samis door
he says how was the water park?
She says your son is half seal
he says i remember, remember the first time we took him swimming
she says it has been a busy morning
he says whats wrong?
she says nothing, in fact my whole life
is exactly the same when last you saw me
were you going to tell me you were a Dimera?

Bo and Hope at the office
she asks him if he was ready for the parole hearing
he says reading all this about nick brought back a lot of memories
like a bad nightmare
Hope says Nick is a different kid now
a kid we all loved
dont you think he deserves a chance to start over

nick tells his mom a lot of things could stop him from getting paroled
Maggie comes in
his mother tells her to speak to Melanie
is home writing the letter
chad says you need the letter notarized
he says he can take care of that part
he leaves
she continues to write the letter
about wanting nick to stay in prison
then she leaves the letter on the desk and walks out

Dan says its only for a few days till we find another solution
she says how long do you think
it will take for victor to try to kill me or me to try and kill him
we have had practice, one of us might succeed this time
im not even living there and i am already stressed out
living with victor is not an option anywhere but there
jen walks over to them and says then come live with me

rafe tells gabi he has better job title and next year he could be up for promotion
she wants to celebrate
happy he is sticking around
now that carrie is gone
she thinks him being in the loft is not good for him
he doesnt mind
she says doesnt everything remind you of sami though?
He says just the mess
he is over her , completely
he gets a call
about his promotion
he has to go sign some paper work
he leaves
mel comes in and wants to know why she hasnt returned her phone calls
she needs help

EJ says look Samantha its not like its
a deep dark secret
she says no, but you failed to include it in conversation
hey sami , guess what im still a part of that degenerate family , i thought i had shed
he says the only family im a part of is this family
she says your father, who is not dead , is Satan on a stick and insanely
obsessed with his children and grandchildren
and he is not dead
EJ says he is gone and even if he wasnt gone , i dont want anything to do with him
she says but thats not how stefano operates , its not your choice
he says what would you rather i killed him
she says well,,,no, ok, no
but i wish you wouldnt lie to me about it
he says i didnt lie to you
she says i know ok
he says ok
whats wrong
she says i was going to go get the kids they bought you something at the water park
he says no dont
she says you dont want to see them ?
He says i do want to see them,
but i want to spend a little time with their mother first
she says whoa
he says ok
i havent been able to do anything right since i walked in the door
what is wrong ?
She says now you are being silly
he says since i walked in the door what is wrong ?

Nicks mother wants maggie to talk to Melanie
nick asks his mom to go and see if bo and Hope were here
she leaves
nick apologizes for his mother
maggie says she understands
he asks her whos side is she on
she says she sees how much better he has become
she is proud of him
he says mel has every right to want me locked up
she says i cant step in but i want the best for you
it was always easy to love you

chad comes back and says he found a notary around the corner
Melanie is gone
he calls her cell
but her phone is still there

mel talks to gab about nick
wonders if she should stop him from getting out
she said she was writing a letter but it felt wrong
gabi says she has to go, she is no help to her
mel says you are the only person who can help me
you dont know nick
and you know what it feels like to be stalked
gabi says she is sorry she cant help her

jen tells Nicole
that Maggie told her Ej was harassing her is that true?
Nicole says yes its true
jen says he is so disgusting that he would go after a pregnant woman, he wont get past my front door
Nicole says you cant do this you dont even like me
jen says you are growing on me and its a big house
Nicole says you are very sweet
jen says i saw you apologizing to abe the other day
you were really sorry
i felt bad when you brought me flowers for jack
i wasnt kind and i wasnt welcoming
nicole says you dont need a stranger in your house
jen says maybe i do, i need someone in my house who isnt going to ask me how i am every 2 minutes
my house is empty, my daughter is so busy she is not even there
you would be helping me
Dan says you could help each other, sounds like a win win
nicole says yeah, sounds like an offer i cant refuse

sami says dont be such a guy
Ej says what else would you want me to be?
She says i told you im not ready for a relationship
he says yes and its fine,i understand
she says i have things i need to sort out
he says things?
i get the message
she says really?
He says i really do
she says really cuz there is still all that handsy stuff
he says handsy stuff
well i thought you wouldnt mind the handsy stuff cuz you had mentioned that you liked me
she says i do
but lucas stuff just got out of my apartment
and my divorce from rafe is only 6 months old
i feel like a pinball and i have to go see a lawyer
he says let me help you with that
she says you are the reason i was obstructing justice
i dont think you should be on my defence team
he says thats a good point, let me help you get a lawyer and i can consult them on the strategy
she says i can do this
he says it was me who got you into all the wonderful trouble
she says i can get myself out of trouble
but there is something you can do
i have to go and see the lawyer and my babysitter cancelled on me
i was wondering if you could stay
and watch the kids
lucas is going to be here to get allie
it would help me a lot if you to could stay
he laughs and says of course i can stay
she says thank you
he says then maybe in the next days and weeks
we could spend a little bit of time sorting through these feelings of yours
and then maybe you could finish all that laundry
she says there is always more laundry
to be done
im not saying no
but im not saying yes either
im a mess and i dont know how this is going to turn out ,but i have to go see that lawyer
she goes to kiss him
and when he goes to kiss her
she backs away
and runs over to the door and says
thank you
he smiles and shakes his head a sighs

Nicole says she has to go find a ladys room
she leaves
dan says that was very generous
jen says its true the house is too big right now
he says still Nicole?
Jen says She didnt seem very thrilled with the offer
i believe she is going to grow on me
i got a big lesson this summer
life is too short
this is a way to hep Maggie, vic and Nicole

nicole goes into a room and screams into a pillow
says im sorry
this was not the plan
life lesson number 1
do gooders always screw everything up damn it

dan says i guess Victor wasnt in love with the idea of nicole moving in ?
jen says no not at all
chad calls dan and tells him mel isnt home and he is worried about her

At the parole hearing
Bo gives his statement
talks about what happened with nick and Melanie

Ej comes out of the bedroom to answer the knock at the door
yells listen, i know my man is at the top of that ladder, so no cheating
Its Lucas calling
he comes in and says waiting for your daddy to get back to show you how to cheat is that right
what are you doing here?
Settling in ?
Ej says just enjoying some time with my family
Lucas says you dont waste any time do you?
EJ says dont be a twit Lucas
Lucas says just tell sami im here to pick up Allie
Ej says Samantha is at a meeting
im looking after the children
lucas says sami left my little girl with you ?

sami meets a lawyer at the police station
its a woman
sami tells her she was charged with obstruction of justice
but he was innocent
so she was helping justice
whats the deal
the lawyer tells her being the police commissioners daughter
is making the deal harder
sami says so they are making an example of me
is there anything i can do to get the charges dropped?
The lawyer says if the arresting officer could put in a good word for you ?
sami flashbacks to when she tried to get out of the dimera safe house and rafe caught
she says ill work on it
the lawyer leaves
sami says oh my god im so screwed
rafe comes in and says what have you done now?
Whats wrong?
Sami says nothing is wrong
how is gabi doing?
i heard about what happened
is she ok?
He says i cant tell she says everything is fine but i dont know
she says maybe i can talk to her
maybe she will open up to a woman
he says maybe,,,,,thanks

chad and dan are at the square
chad says he doesnt think anyone took her but he is worried she left her phone and took off
dan says maybe she went to the prison decided to testify in person

nicks mother talks about him
he was shy as a child
and she believes if he hadnt of taken those drugs none of us would be sitting here today

Hope, Bo and Maggie in the hallway
wonder where Melanie is

mel tells gabi what chad and her dad
think about nick getting out of prison
she needs her help if it were you and Andrew what would you do
if he lived and went to rehab and got better
would you give him a second chance
gabi says i dont know
i dont know what to say
there is something that you need to know

jennifer wants to take Nicole to the hotel and get all her stuff right now
Nicole says hey lets get me is all moved in roomie

Hope testifies for Nick
she thinks he is more together now
the smart guy they all knew has come back
she doesnt think he poses a risk to society
he is ready to be released

gabi says this whole thing with Andrew
chad comes in and says Melanie i was looking all over for you
what are you doing here?
she says she feels guilty about the letter
and gabi is the only person who knows what im going through
chad says thats not true
gabi says he is right and i was about to tell her
chad says to write the letter
mel says so you think nick should stay in prison
gabi says i think you deserve to be safe

Hope thinks she got their attention
and she is a cop
nicks mother is happy
Hope says lets hope we said enough to help Nick
dan comes in and says you helped nick
are you kidding me ?

rafe says what are you doing here
sami says to see a lawyer about my case
the lawyer comes in to get a file
she sees rafe and says
oh good are you here to vouch for sami
he says whats that?
Sami says no he isnt, we were just talking about other stuff , we need a minute
rafe says what was that all about
sami says nothing
he says you want me to put in a good word for you ?
she says no my lawyer does, it would help
he says you tried to run
she says i also shot someone to save your life
he says wow,thats why you were trying to be nice to me
she says no,,,i like your sister
he says somethings never change
always looking out for your own backside
he leaves
she runs out and says what?

Nick is with the parole board now
he says his family blames the drugs
but he is the one who did the drugs and didnt get help for it
he takes responsibility for it
he fell down a very deep hole and he wont go back there again
he wants to get back, owes it to the people he hurt
the people who believe in him
he is going to make it up to them

bo asks Dan to go get coffee
dan says he is going to wait for Melanie
he thinks she is there
they say they didnt see her
Dan says no one one has seen her
if she is not here

ej comes out and says she is getting her back pack
Lucas says sami should of had her ready
Ej says she is playing ,she is having a good time dont be so petty
lucas says petty?
is when i sue sami for full custody of allie and i win
Ej says really?
You would take her away from johnny and sydney ?
Lucas says
they are the only reason
why she is still here now
Ej says good for you
i appreciate your sacrifice
lucas says what are you trying to say ?
Ej says we both know Allie being here gives you an excuse to come sniffing around

sami follows rafe to the square
he says its not going to work
what you are trying to pull
sami says she likes gabi and would like to help her
he says let me guess you really want my help
she says even if you threw me in jail , i would want to help gabi
he says wish i could believe that
she says when did you decide i became such a monster, that i cant help anybody , cuz thats how i got into trouble helping someone out
he says im not lying to the DA for you
so dont asks me to, he walks away
she gets mad and says i wouldnt dream of it
she threw her purse on the ground and walked away
the purse snatcher is watching

jen brings nicoles suitcase into the house
nicole says this is homey
jen says its not a mansion
but its not a hotel either , i think its step up
Nicole says this is kid of you
i wont over stay my welcome
jen says thank Maggie
nicole says she was only going to help me because of Daniel
did he tells you about us?
Jen says a bit
nicole says things got intense with us rather quickly and he saved my babys life
its a great way to start dont you think
she goes upstairs

lucas says i don think an excuse to snif around sami
ej laughs says now there is an image
lucas says im done with her she is all yours now,,, she is your problem, not mine
Ej says i dont consider her a problem
Lucas says oh thats right
you are her saviour for now
but i wouldnt get too comfortable
eJ says you are going to lick your wounds and come back to fight another day are you ?
Lucas says im not coming back
but you wont last either, havent you learned
sami always wants what she cant have
so i give you a week or month maybe
by thanksgiving she will be done with
you and she will move on to her next challenge

The purse snatcher comes and grabs samis purse
sami tries to take it from him
they struggle over it
rafe comes and says stop it
and the snatcher lets sami go and she falls into rafe and they fall down

The parole board tells Nick they have voted and came to a decision
Melanie comes in
and says i need to make a statement
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