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Viewing Single Post From: Tuesday, September 4th Daily Discussion
camera shy

Sep 3 2012, 09:07 PM
Sep 3 2012, 01:27 PM
Sami always wants what she cant have
so i give you a week or month maybe
by thanksgiving she will be done with
you and she will move on to her next challenge

rafe comes and says stop it
and the snatcher lets sami go and she falls into rafe and they fall down

LOL! I so love Lucas, the truth teller! I wish for so much better for Lucas, but if he has to speak of the Beast, I love that it is calling her out on what a fickle slut she is and that EJ is just one of a long list of pathetic men who actually think that Sami want him. :D Sorry, EJ, but Lucas isn't the one being a twit. In fact, he is the brains right now....not begging Sami, the biggest slut to let him touch her.

And please let this Lucas suing for sole custody of Ali be a foreshadowing of something. That could get really good!

Kind of liking the Nicole/Jennifer start up here. Let's see where this goes.

THanks for posting!
Lucas should say to EJ, "Look, hide in the closet and when Sami comes home I'll put the moves on her......I'll have her on that kitchen counter in two seconds. Lets see if all her feelings for you stop her from getting it on with me. Don't worry I'll stop it before it goes too far.......Sami sure as hell won't". :rolleyes:
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