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Jen/Nic - I'm thinking this SL could be some soapy good fun. I have no doubt that Nicole will be plotting against her soon and Jen seems dim-witted enough to not see through Nicole's schemes for awhile. I'm hoping Jen spills the paternity secret so Nicole has something to be really pissed about.

EJ/Lucas - I always like their exchanges. Lucas' strong emotions and EJ's coolness make for a good balance in scenes. And JS's delivery in this exchange...
lucas says i don think an excuse to snif around sami
ej laughs says now there is an image
...actually made me LOL - that happens too rarely with Days.

EJ/Sami - I don't know where their story is headed, but if it's not heading toward them really falling in love then somebody needs to tell AS and JS to tone down their chemistry in their scenes. The little things that they are adding in - flirty looks, touches, teasing kisses, etc. - are making Ejami so much fun to watch together.

Mel/Nick et al - After how good the scenes for this story were in Friday's show, the dialogue in today's show is disappointing. It now seems to be all about setting up for Mel to leave Salem because Chad is a Neanderthal. Lame.

Sami/Rafe - I'm sure their fall was supposed to be filled with sexual tension, but the unintentional hilarity of Sami fighting with the purse snatcher right before made the scene more funny than hot. Other than that, same old Safe, i.e. just not the interesting.
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