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Sep 3 2012, 10:41 PM
Sep 3 2012, 09:20 PM
There is a lot of talk about Allie lately, I wouldn't be at all surprised if she didn't turn out to be Sami and EJ's. And Lucas suing for sole custody further supports that thought for me.

When Lucas said "I'm not coming back", it makes me think that he's on the chopping block again.

Rafe just makes me sick. He's like a blistering ucer for me.
I find it hard to believe that they would give Ej yet another child under kindergarten age....even if EJole's child doesn't make it, I find it hard to believe they'd even go there....if that baby does make it...I think the odds are greater that he'll lose a son he has with Sami (Johnny) and gain one via Nicole...

Lucas has 'threatened' to sue for sole custody before, it didn't work in 2008, he didn't go through with it....and she didn't become Ejami's kid then either...even if it looked like Ejami were going to be a couple that year....I know it all changed but I certainly felt that in 2008 she was all about Ej back then......and making Allie Ej's then and then shipping Lucas off would have made more sense than now.....

I would think that if they are getting together like many of their fans tend to think is happening, that Johnny can easily become Lucas' child....Ejami need 'inner' angst after all if they are written as a couple.......what better way to give it to them than with Lucas being Johnny's father....Ej might actually be devastated if that happens....giving him a legit chance at a redemption arc not one contrived by making him a victim, and just when Kristen returns to 'reunite the fractured Dimera family'...I can't think of anything more powerful that reads fractured than Ej losing Johnny.....
I think there's a big possibility that EJ is losing Johnny. Then the DiMeras are going to be scrambling with no DiMera heir. Chad doesnt want anything to do with running Diempire. This is where perhaps Steffy and Kristen come in and take a good hard look @ the EJole baby that "supposedly" is Rafes. It sounds from the previews that Steffy wants to bring the family together. Now, Lucas is talking about custody...maybe they do a blood test and that's when they find out that Allie and Johnny both belong to Lucas.
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