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The Summer actress can't act for shit either. She always has this look on her face like she just farted and smells her gas. Tired of people who leave the ranch keep saying "I Can't Deal with Sharon." Well you know she lives there, so why keep going there? :shrug: That doesn't make any sense, why would anyone go somewhere knowing the person they don't like lives there.

I was hoping that Sharon would knock that nappy ass bun right out of Victoria's head. Victoria just plopped her sad ass on the chair like she lives there. I would have her banned from the property too.

Nick is one big DUMBASS!! He continues to let Phyllis lie to him, even when she said that she will lie to Summer to keep her rancid ass out of prison. Then Nick goes along with the affair story showing how much he cares for Summer to make her mom look like a slut bucket (even though not far off the mark on that one) Ronan GMAB with that love Phyllis bullshit. Ronan you love the snatch and nothing more, because there's nothing to love about Phylthy.

Michael being a DA needs to have Nick arrested, he just witnessed a crime of Nick assaulting an FBI agent. Michael can't keep overlooking these things because they are his "friends" and I use the term loosely. Michael they are not his friends because they lie to him so much, they only care about what Michael can do for them.
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