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The Rafe and Gabi scenes were sweet. Nice to finally see them having family moments.

I'm so ready to have Nick out already and stirring up Salem.

Poor Nicole. Not quite what she wanted. I loved when she screamed into the pillow! :P I'm so sure Jennifer will be able to protect Nicole from anything Ej would dish out. :huh: But, okay writers do what you have to do . . . I'll just wait til Eric shows up and Nicole's story takes a turn for the better.

I'm glad Rafe walked away from Sami after calling her out. Who knows when Sami is being earnest or just using people anymore.
I understand him having feelings for her that he is trying to hide to protect himself. He loved her so completely and that just doesn't go away. But it's her turn to step up to the plate, make a choice and follow through. I don't want to see Rafe being the one to put his heart on the line while Sami gets to sit back playing eenie meenie miney moe.

Lucas! The soothsayer. Excellent. Loved how smug Ej was with Lucas - so very Dimera of him and yet Lucas had the last word and it was a doozy. That was fun!

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