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engrady pind

I can't take Sam no matter who she is crying to. The original Sam was an independent woman with a life she was making for herself, albeit criminal in some aspects. Now she is a watering pot being passed around like a timeshare mistress. I absolutely hated her with Jason. They were boredom personified.

With Burton leaving the show, I am certain there are no plans for a Jason-Liz hookup. Liz with Jason is preferable to Liz with anyone else, but we all know that the instant Lucky shows back up in Port Charles Liz will be on him like white on rice. That little high school romance has resulted in arrested development for both Liz and Lucky. I think the fact that Burton and Herbst are good friends gave an added sparkle to the scenes they share. Jason isn't a bore when he is with Elizabeth.

Isn't it about time that some of the characters matured and grew up? People cannot experience what these characters have gone through without growing up at least a little bit. There was hope for Maxie until she got all involved with Matt Hunter. Whether she realizes it or not, she needs Spinelli who has the patience to teach her how to be a 'real girl'. Matt never had the patience to help Maxie grow emotionally.

While I like Felicia, the actress who plays her presents an audio challenge for me. Her delivery has become even more grating. She is beginning to sound like Bobbi Spencer, aka Jackie Zeeman. Both actresses, and their characters, try to come off as the voice of reason and rationality. They fail miserably and come off sounding patronizing.

I have no problem with getting rid of the Johnny Z. characters. He has been irredeemable for a couple of years now and matching him up with Carly hasn't helped at all.

I actually like Joe Jr. -- when he is with Tracy. I'd like to see some redemption with the character. Maybe he didn't rape Connie. Maybe she had been coming on to him for some time behind Sonny's back, and when she got pregnant she realized just what that meant for her future. Maybe Joe Jr. wasn't such a screw up after all. He did raise his son who managed to get into a Ivy League school, all the time keeping said son on the straight and narrow and under the radar of his enemies. Sonny's memories might not be as factual as they have been portrayed.

How much longer is Jerry Jax going to be around and how will he "die" this time?
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