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Sep 4 2012, 05:18 PM
Is it really possible to BURST INTO a parole hearing? Isn't prison the one place one can't just bust through doors suddenly?

Glad Nick's story is moving forward. As happy as I am to see him, I'm tired of seeing the prison. And I had to totally roll my eyes when Daniel was "shocked" that people (Hortons) spoke on behalf of Nick.

Chad is really getting on one's nerves. I guess he would be nervous if he couldn't find Melanie and she left her cell phone but if I was Melanie I'd be thinking Chad is showing closer signs of stalkerdom like Nick did. I'm beginning to think what drives Melanie away is also finding out the truth of Gabi's involvement with Andrew. With friends like that, seems like staying in Salem is futile.

They really are hitting us over the head with Safe aren't they? I really don't care though it's funny she's not had time to declare her true love for Lucas EJ yet.

I have to say I enjoyed the veteran scenes in prison with Bo, Hope, Jessica and Maggie. I wish they could find more reasons to have them come together.

Nicole screaming into the pillow was rather funny though I completely felt her frustration.
Yeah, Daniel's fucking outburst made me want to vomit...Um...Daniel, you've been Maggie's egg-baby for all of ten minutes as far as I'm concerned...and you have spent ZERO time with other Hortons (other than the one you were fucking and will soon be fucking again)...So seriously? Fuck you! lol
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