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Queen B
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Sep 6 2012, 11:12 PM
Sep 5 2012, 04:52 PM
I'm really annoyed that Nick is back to being Victoria's lackey. He should have stepped up to take the CEO job from Sharon. Now he's back to his usual position, keeping his balls in the back pocket, standing behind Vikki while she calls the shots. He's got his hands full holding two purses!
Nick has no balls. He has officially been neutered by the women in his life. Between Phyllis, Victoria and even his mother Nick is the biggest girl of the four. It's almost comical at this point :whack:
hes always been a little mamas boy, its pathetic! In Nikki's eyes, poor little Nick could do no wrong. During Shick's marriage I always wished I could just punch her in the face for how stupid she was. Sharon was this awful slut with no morals for sleeping with Diego but when Nick fucked Grace, Nikki came pounding at Sharons door demanding she stopped being selfish and forgave Nick for cheating
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