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Sammie Jo
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just joey
Sep 7 2012, 08:22 PM
Sammie Jo
Sep 7 2012, 07:05 PM
should we be looking for Adam to crawl through the AC duct work again to gaslight Sharon? lol
I think Adam's , (Deep down) Love for sharon, surprises the hell out of Him, & Sharon & that he shows her by really helpsing sharon get through this. I think that Adam is going to go good for Sharon with her Doctors, so that he stands a better chance at convincing her what an :moon: Tucker really is & what he's really up to. Maybe Sharon will appoint Adam as interem C.E.O. Adam & Sharon belong together :makeout: . Sharon is a smart lady & needs to hear & believe what a skuzz Bucket tucker really is & that he's no good. Sharon needs to team up with adam to get back at Tucker.
I really don't think Adam is so enamored with Sharon anymore, I think her sleeping with Victor kinda took those feelings away. He seems perfectly happy with Chelsea.
Sharon right now can't appoint anyone to anything, and from what I read in the spoilers, if she gets to be CEO again, she's going to have some hurdles to overcome before she can do anything.
If she was so smart, she'd see right through tucker.
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