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Sep 8 2012, 09:32 AM
Sep 7 2012, 07:49 PM
Hard to believe Days held onto a couple of 2s, but I'm glad to see the ratings declining. The show stinks. I think if there's any hope of something decent before the end, Tomlin's got to exit.
I don't think one can write off an entire tenure after 3 weeks. Tomlin took months to build up the show in the 2009 ratings wise, I'd expect the same now. I'm not a fan of most these stories, but the show is being written in a way that I can tolerate it without fast forwarding or changing the channel, something Higley and MarDar could never achieve. Its a big plus.
I base my opinion on what I saw of of Tomlin being in charge the year before the reboot. I base my opinion on his apparent love for two of the dullest characters I've ever seen on this soap: Rafe and Dan. I base my opinion on what I've seen with regard to character integrity, or the lack of it, under his supervision. Of course, the main reason I was watching was Jack (and JnJ), so I have a huge bias against a guy who sacrificed one of Days' greatest characters so that the very ordinary and lackluster pairing of Dannifer could go forth. What I've read of the post Daysaster stuff that's aired thus far with Tomlin as head writer sounds like garbage, including Jennifer shallower than ever and not even resembling the character I used to like, more merry-go-round men for Sami, and more no-build love stories. Seems to me Tomlin creates nothing in which to invest and is all about the mixing and matching game, starring a bunch of hollow characters.

P.S. I do think MarDar were also awful. I just don't understand the choice to go back to a guy who was in charge when the show was awful before MarDar were awful. Seriously, are there such a limited number of people willing to write soap opera? I've seen Matt (and many others) from this board come up with far better stuff than I've seen on the actual show in a very long time.
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