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just joey

Sammie Jo
Sep 7 2012, 07:07 PM
Grandpa Hughes
Sep 7 2012, 04:45 PM
They look good but what's with Red's brown hair?
evidently they have a new hairdresser who purchased brown hair dye by the gallon, so far, Cain, Ronan, Nick, & Phyliss have had hair color changes.
They all look horrible.
phyliss looks better with the hair color that she has now. That "RED SHIT" was so phony. It does'nt matter what color her hair is, she's still a "SCABBY ABBY", bitch face ,Lying ,piece of shit. :flipoff: And that so call "dance that she did for Tim, was really pathetic. If someone "Danced" for me like that :thumbsdown: , I would have "Keeled" over, like Tim did too. Only I would have been doubling over with laughter :roflol: . Someone, PLEEEEASE, :whip: that BITCH, into Telling the truth & stop hiding shit from "Dumb ASS Nick."
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