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hmm I never heard of a public apology....and as for Bryan, he tweeted Im sorry almost immediately. I honestly think it was just meant in fun...
He never publicly apologized. He apologized to the person that confronted him with the picture flipping the bird, and tried to tell him not to deface the logo as he was doing it. She confronted him, after a while he said, "I'm sorry....my fans told me to be careful as I was coming to 'Lumi country' and one of them won the jersey and wanted me to cross out the logo write sucks, and take that pic...IMHO it wasn't sincere, just a means to end the conversation and move on from that particular moment, but whatever, that passed and then a year later came the insults to Bryan from James in interviews long after BD had gone.
This is not an accurate description of what happened. At all.

I was there, sitting next to the fan that won the jersey. James came out and sat down next to her and chatted for a while before signing the jersey. As he was signing another fan with our group jokingly pointed out the SC logo on the jersey and said something to James about it being the "Lumi" site and indicated he should cross it out or gave it a thumbs down or something - I don't recall which. Neither she or he had any idea the Lumis there as sponsors were sitting in the row in front of them watching and snapping pictures. I wasn't aware of that, either - not until later. It was done in jest - she meant no harm and felt bad that she basically encouraged JS to do something that wound up opening a hornet's nest. The appalling thing, IMO - is the reaction it got from the ladies who were there. After he went back on stage he had someone motioning a throat slashing gesture to him - in fact he mentioned it a year or so later in the SOD Round Up as the most extreme fan reaction he'd ever gotten. I mean...seriously? Throat slitting? But regardless - at the sponsorship luncheon which happened within an hour or so of all of this JS approached the table of ladies who were upset and had a long conversation with them - one in particular. It was very clear they were upset but he stood there and listened to them for quite a long time and at the end of the conversation he and the most vocal of the women hugged one another and you'd think that would have been the end of it. Instead, a very long and detailed account was posted at 2C by the end of that weekend and people were calling for JS to be fired. Fortunately NBC didn't see it as that big a deal. I don't know why anyone thought there would be a need for a more public apology than what he gave - he walked up and personally spoke with the women he had offended at the event. There is a difference between doing something that someone else takes a photo of and posts (with a detailed, albeit slanted account of what happened) on the internet versus BD personally tweeting the photo that he did. I didn't feel BD needed to apologize, either - it is what it is.

I won't weigh down the thread any more with this really old story - but having been there when it all happened it really bothers me to see it still be misrepresented all these years later.
I don't think it's being misrepresented...as we all know there are two sides to the story...you've stated one, I've stated the other, the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. IMHO maybe the person that he apologized to found it necessary to have him say it, not have him say it through her? As he offended more than her...he offended an entire fan base. But whatever...it's really too old to even worry about now....too much has happened since then and the only ones fucked are both Lumis and Ejamis, because if I remember correctly....Safe came and we haven't gotten anything since then. I will say that no one was asking in that thread for him to get fired, a few people were stating (as they are in this thread) that it could be grounds for firing but no one said anything about campaigning to get him fired, or calling or emailing for his firing..actually all that was asked of him was to give a public apology to a segment of the Days fans that he flipped the bird to. That's it....nothing more, nothing less. Heck one of the members who lives in Canada had even brought a few chocolate bars that he was known to have liked....she decided after the encounter not to give it to him directly, she gave them to an Ejole that was present to give to him instead....

On the throat slitting...after one of the women had won Bryan's chair, James noticed that it was the same one that had an issue with what he did to the Jersey, James approached Bryan and told him something in his ear and when he and Bryan looked back the person was making that gesture so he could just cut it out, 'end it'....but since they weren't face to face by then she felt the need to gesture to him to get her message across...I guess he took it that she wanted to kill him? LMFAO

Was it probably blown out of proportion? Some think it was, but you know what? Everything is blown out of proportion when it comes to BD, JS or GG....they fart and it's news.....
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