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What year is this?

I will never understand the concept of fanbases, shippers(what does that even mean?) and these endlessly ridiculous fanbase wars. I wonder if the people who count themselves as shippers would even care if there were good storylines or not. Would they just be happy that "their couple" was together? What is the point? Your "couple" gets together and lives happily ever after......isn't that typically followed by "The End"?

What really confuses me about the fanbase wars is that they all revolve around Honey Baked Brady....she (Alison) is one of the worst actors on the show....in fact, instead of learning and growing (like AZ, who was HORRIBLE when she first started, but has grown into one of the best), Swiney has consistently gotten worse and worse as the years go by. Who the fuck cares who she ends up with? Seriously!

Days started for me as an absurd, yet compelling escape for me and it has always been about the stories. Sure they have sucked for many years now, but here's hoping that ED's return will recapture some of that magic that drew me in. sure back then I wanted Marlena to win, but that was the fun of it, the drama, the outlandish events and schemes and well.....story! I could never imagine thinking "Ok as a Jarlena, I am so happy that they are together now, I just want them to always be together and eat strawberries and whipped cream!! woohoo!" that is just mindfuckingly baffling to me
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Interesting/Spoilerish Tweets, Week of 9/3 · DAYS: News, Spoilers & Discussion