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Arianne Zucker has played the many-faceted Nicole Walker on “Days of Our Lives” since 1998, and for fans of the show, there isn’t a dull moment when Nicole is on the scene.

For Arianne, there’s never a dull moment either. As an actress, Nicole is a dream to portray: She says what she feels, gets into tons of trouble and, underneath it all, she is a woman who just wants to feel safe and loved. I spoke with Arianne recently about playing my favorite daytime anti-hero and she let me know that playing Nicole is just as much fun as watching her.

Daytime Dial: You’ve played Nicole since 1998; what about her, or the show or the production keeps you coming back for more?

Adrianne Zucker: The beautiful thing that I do love specifically about my character is the fact that there is always something around the corner. What I love about the writers is that they can be unpredictable.

There are always amazing turns for me which makes my job exciting.

DD: How has Nicole grown through the years?

AZ: We’ve aged together. I really feel she’s grown in a sense where her caring side, her humanity has come out a little bit more. She’s still a survivor; she still hasn’t gotten any kind of help to guide her further in life. But I will say that, especially with the baby situation, you know your biological clock ticks.

You get older as a woman, and that starts to become something more important to you – having a family and having some longevity.

When she had her mother and her sister in town about a year ago, those are the things that start to become important to her. She still makes all the wrong choices but she wants something of value.

She just doesn’t know how to get it. She starts off on a good path and then ruins it because she cannot see the forest past the trees.

DD: Nicole must be so fun to play, and a challenge as well.

AZ: She really is and I love the challenge. I love the challenge of Nicole. I love her so much, and I think that really helps. I love what she does. I never say Nicole wouldn’t do that, because I just don’t know. I’ve always felt like Nicole’s the type of person who says things that people really want to say but you can’t. And so she says what she means.

She’s like a 2-year-old but in an adult body. Two-year-olds have tantrums and they can’t control their emotions yet. They’re like little cavemen. But Nicole does it and I admire that about her. She still needs to filter but she impresses me to the extent of she’s not afraid to do anything she can to survive.

DD: What would you like for Nicole’s future? Would you like her to finally have a good relationship?

AZ: I would like to see her work on a relationship. But I would like to see her start with herself first, because if she doesn’t start with herself, she can’t be good in a relationship.

I think you can be in a relationship and work on yourself at the same time. And I want her to really love someone and make them feel loved. That would be interesting.

And then mess it up, because then we wouldn’t have a soap. It would be boring if she didn’t mess it up.

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