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These spoilers look fantastic! I walked away from soaps last year when they were all getting cancelled, but with GH actually seeming like it'll stick around, I'm diving back in. GH fan since the 90's, so it's not too hard to catch the drift, LOL.

I'm excited to hear about all the veterans returning. Anna is fantastic (LOVE Finola Hughes), as is Robert, Felicia, and so happy Luke is returning from his annual summer hiatus. If Kin Shriner really comes back I will be ecstatic! Watching Luke and Scott go at each other is so much fun.

Just recently found out that Robin isn't truly gone. So glad to hear that Kimberly is still going to do some scenes without coming back completely. The canvas would look bleak without Scrubs to light it up. Robin is a show staple. She should be around as long as possible, even if it's only in small stints, just like Eden Riegel did on AMC for years. Glad that the "dying from AIDS" SL was either scrapped or fabricated.

I am a total JaSam fan, and it's hard to think of Steve Burton NOT being part of GH, but something tells me it will be a while before he is truly gone. If JaSam reunites, will that send Kelly off the show also? Liason has never worked in my mind, simply because Elizabeth can't deal with Jason's lifestyle. Attraction and love can't always overcome all.

Can't wait until the Sean (Shawn?) & Alexis stuff gets better, and until Carly gets together with Todd. Have never truly liked Howarth's Todd, but Carly is as conniving and sneaky as he is, so they'll be happy lying to each other and keeping secrets. Happy for Michael and Starr also. Have ALWAYS loved Kristin Alderson, as she reminds me of Kimberly McCullough, growing up with a show, and being a very talented actress.

Trey SL seems lame to me, and not liking the Krissy recast. Johnny Z is starting to be terrible. They have truly ruined his character, and Barash is such a great actor that it's a shame. Seems like all the Zaccharas may be out the door soon.

I'm sad about the baby switch SL since it leaves one poor mother heartbroken. Who deserves to lose their baby more? The woman who lost her first child and then seemed infertile due to being shot? Or the woman who found out her husband was a brainwashed brother, stood by him, then watched him die in front of her? It seems heartless that it was these two women who were chosen for the switch.

Think that's all for now, but I must say I'm glad there is some life in GH still, even though my other ABC soaps have died. Really hope Archer comes to GH as I loved her on OLTL. Also, Sam has been whiny for a while now, but throwing McBain onto GH really brings her full circle. She's acting more and more like Livvie did with Caleb, so I guess that's where they're taking her. Wonder if they'll truly go with McBam when Burton leaves?

Can't wait for more good stuff to come!
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