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Queen B
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what a boring episode. I knew Chelseas "secret" was only the fact that shes preggers. Big deal. and ofcourse Chloe blabbed to Jeff, Glo and Lauren at Crimson Lights. & Was I supposed to think that little loving speach Jeff gave Chelsea was supposed to be all cute and fuzzy? I know the writers want us to think that, but I just don't care about Chelsea or whoever her fucking parents are.

Also, looks like Paul's story will be dragged out even longer now with Ricky's video. It puts Paul in a bad position, and I wish Michael would stop being an ass about Lauren wanting to help him.. after all the times that Paul helped Lauren with Sheila and all of her bullshit its the least she could do. I would totally be interested in Paul and Lauren reconnecting, right now is the perfect time. Id be fine with Michael and Lauren getting split up and maybe Michael could presue Avery. I always thought those 2 had chemistry, but Avery also has awesome chemistry with Paul so it could go both ways..

Harmony looked a little better today I must say. Her hair didn't look like a huge nest that got plopped on her head. I still don't care about Harmony or her pairing with Neil, also if their trying to get Sarge in the mix with those two it still doesn't interest me in the slightest. How predictable though right? The only other older black actor on the show MUST be plopped into a storyline with Neil and Harmony.
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