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Wed. Sept. 12th

It's A new day in salem

sami runs into Will at the square
she tells him she has a gift for him at her apartment
he says why its not my birthday or anything
she says she doesnt need an excuse to buy her son a gift

Ej outside the pub
talking on the phone
says cost isnt important , this evening has to be perfect , think the height of romance and then top that
he goes into the pub
jen is there
on the phone with her dad ,telling him Nicole has moved in with her
Ej says what did you just say Nicole is moving in with you?

Nicole at home
rafe drops by
says she is feeling good
and its a boy
rafe is all excited about that
says are you happy
she says totally
i would probably screw up a little girl he says no comment on that
she says you have been amazing pretending to be the father and keeping Ej away from him
he says thats a no brainer
she says what do you think of the name Daniel Rafael Hernandez

dan at the coffee place talking to sonny odering melanie a coffee
he is trying to get mel on the phone

mel is home reading a note chad left for her
phone rings she answers and says is this my future husband
they dont say anything
she flashbacks to nick and she hangs the phone up quick

Sami says did you hear EJ resigned?Will says as mayor?
She says what else
he says when
she says yesterday he made the statement that he wanted to spend more time with his family
Will says im guessing he doesnt mean stefano
then im right,,,you are
thinking about getting back together with him

jen says excuse me dad im being rudely interrupted by someone right now i will call you back
she says to Ej You know you need to not listen in on other peoples phone calls, you might get a bad reputation
he says any reason why Nicole has decided to take up residence at you inn?
Dont underestimate Nicole, if she is moving in with you to hide from some sort storm
you are going to need to up your disaster insurance

rafe says i love the name its so
im honored
she says great thank you they hug
he says now that the baby is going to have my name it makes the responsibility of me looking after the 2 of you that more real
she says we need to keep your last name up for a appearances
but she wants his name in there too for a thanks
he says the first name Daniel
she says he has been as supportive as you have
he says he gets it but wont Ej get it too
the guy that did the paternity test proving Ej isnt the father is going to have the baby named after him
she says oh everything i do will make ej suspicious
i want the babys name to be meaningful and right now you
and dan are the 2 most meaningful men in my life till Daniel Rafael gets here
he says its your baby
name it what ever you like
she says but?
He says im Wondering if there is something else going on between her and dan besides the favour he has done for you

dan reaches Melanie
she says she was in the shower
he says he is coming over
she says she is fine not freaked out
over nick
he says he is coming over anyway
someone knocks at the door
he says asks who it is
she says im not 4
she opens the door to Brady
he wants to talk to her
she says yeah about nick fallon
asks me about it
Maggie is going to call and see if my head has exploded and my dad will be here to see if my head has exploded
and im pretty sure chad has dimera men watching me
brady says Maggie told me you were very upset when you saw nick
she says i was just surprised
i love you all but if you dont back off im going to pull my hair out
Brady says im sorry
she says im sorry too

Nicole says her feelings for dan evolved over time
the more time i spent with him
i had a moment of clarity and once i knew i was all in
he says the 2 of you through this friendship have developed something romantic
she says i like to think so
she has a lot of clarity about dan but he doesnt about me

Adrienne talks to dan
about chad
she says her and Justin were concerned with a dimera getting involved with sonny in business
but chad is a good guy
he tells her how sorry he is about jack
she wishes jen could lean on the people who love her

jen says oh Ej i really hate hyperbolic threats
he says im not threatening you
she says well im warning you to stay away from my house and nicole
he says im just protecting whats mine
she says whats yours ?
Nicole is pregnant with rafes baby
nothing is yours
ej flashbacks to when they got the paternity tests
jen says maybe its time for you to move on Ej, dont you think?

Sami says well you are my son and you are smart
he says no you are transparent
she says i though you liked Ej
he says i do
but how i feel about him doesnt matter you disasters history together
why repeat that
sami says you make a good point
Will says i make a good point
who are you and what have you done with my mother ?

Back at the apartment
sami gives Will a gift
she says when Ej resigned he talked about how important was for him to be with his family
and its always been my first priority
he says that good but it
seems like all of your decision making has revolved around
what ever ej is doing
she says if ej and i are going to work towards having a relationship
we are both aware that it affects a lot of people besides us
Will says maybe he is having a better effect on you than i thought
sami says i appreciate your advice i dont want to repeat the bad history between us
Will says wow , you are freaking me out with all this reasonablist
she says i want you to he honest with me about ej
do you think im making another mistake by thinking about getting back together with him

Ej calls Justin on the phone
leaves a message
says this is EJ Dimera ,since they say an attorney who has himself as a client is a fool
i was wondering if i could ask you for some legal advice about a personal and delicate matter , it
concerns my ex wife Nicole walker
i would be grateful if you could give me a call

nicole tells rafe that in the beginning it was dan who was pursuing a relationship with her and
then Melanie got kidnapped and nick is out on parole he is focused on his daughter
he is a good father
i get why he is making her a priority right now, i will do the same thing when my son is born
he says sounds neat and tidy
she says there is more to the story
there is another layer , now that jack has passed away Jennifer is back on dans radar
he says you think dan still has feelings for jen
she says Dan has a big heart, he will help anyone
but that heart needs to go to the right person
he says and you think thats you?

dan comes to see Melanie
she says she doesnt want to talk about nick or anything to do with that
he sees the ring on her finger and wants to talk about it

Brady is reading a flier about loss at the square
Jennifer comes over to him
and says are you here for that
he says yeah ...you too
they say they are late for it
she says on purpose
he says the bereavement groups might help a lot of people
but he doesnt want to focus on what he lost
she says she gets it
he has a big pretzel
says he use to get them for Madison
he cant eat it all , wants her to help him

Ej is at the coffee place
on the phone
saying im aware its a custom order
and i have given you no time
but you have never let me down before and i pay very well
yes she is extremely special
but she is also prone to
flip flopping which is why this gift
has to be extra special

will says you always do what you want to do why do you care what i think
she says i always care what you think but now i can ask you cuz you are old enough and you are better than most people in this town at being objective about EJ
he says underneath it all i think he is a good person
she says do you think it will work for us this time
he says i didnt at first but
i have given it thought and if you really want to be together you should try ,i will root for you help you , what ever
she hugs him and say thank you
he says thanks for talking to me about things before you do it
he opens his gift
its a jacket
she says they walked by and saw it in the window one time
you did comment on how cool it was
he says wow,you were paying attention,,,thank you. Can i say something
you have been all over the map with men lately
she says ok maybe you are right
rafe flashback saying he doesnt hate her
she says you are right
he says ok, can you be sure this time

mel says its pretty ,chad proposed to me last night
he says what in the hell are you thinking
this is out of no where
this is impulsive and it reminds me of Philip
i cant stand here and judge you
she says no you cant
he says but the timing
why do you want to marry chad
right now

rafe says you need to tell him
we are already keeping this huge secret about ej being the father
tell him,,, the stakes are too high
she says im not keeping my feelings a secret
he might not know how strong they are but he knows
and you are the worse offender of that
he says sami, are you kidding me
she says i see the way you 2 look at each other when you brought her to the hospital
i cant stand her
he says neither can i
she says it doesnt matter if you cant stand her doesnt mean you dont want to be with her
i care about you and i want you to be happy
do you think you could be without sami and be happy or is she it?

Jen and brady share the pretzel
she tells him how her and jack use to eat a pretzel
these little memories t get her the most
he says he spoke to Melanie and it helped him out focusing on someone else problems
she says she feels nick has changed
brady says mel has him and chad and dan,
jen says he is a great dad
dan reminds her of how jack was with abi

dan thinks she is too vulnerable right now , she isnt dealing with how terrified she is about nick

rafe says what ever you think you saw was history
there is no there there
its done
Nicole says ej seems plugged into you and sami
he says he does doesnt he
cuz he is using the fact that i am the babys father to let her know that im unavailable
she says but you arent the babys father and you are available
he says i dont want be with her
im never going to go back to her again
i dont want to be near her
not now, not never
she says thats not true
you know it as well as i do

will tries his jacket on
sami says that will get heads turning
how is it going in that department
love life
Will says thats weird since you are my mom and that department is closed
she says i dont believe that
learn to trust yourself and believe in who you are, if you do that other people will see it and they respond to it and they will love you for who you are too
he says you should take the same advice

EJ still at the coffee place
on the phone saying
you will have to find somewhere on the planet where daffodils are in season, try Holland
i have my lawyer on the other line
have to let you go
Billie comes in the coffee shop and is listening to him
he says Justin thanks for calling me
i want to talk to you about Nicole walker , i need your expertise on the matter
Billie comes over to him and says excuse me, dont mean to bother you
but this is too good to pass by
are you still interested in Nicole?

Will goes to the pub
T is there
he says whats this a gay bar now too
wow this town has been invaded
Will says thats clever go away
T says i was a little rough on you the other day
Will says so that crack was your version of an apology?
T says he didnt want him to think he was gay
you and sonny are a lot alike
Will says we are both gay
t says i know you arent into him like that but you are a real heart breaker

dan wants to know when chad found time to say will you marry me
she went to see Maggie for advice
about the proposal
but you saw nick first so you came back and said you would marry him
cuz nick freaked you out
she says i love him
cant you let me be happy

Ej says to Justin would you excuse me something incredibly annoying just happened
Billie sits with him
says Nicole really?
now that we are related again
you being a dimera and my mother still married to stefano
you can confide in me if you want
he says you and i are not related
and i have no intentions of confiding in you
as for what you just over heard ,my relationship with Nicole is over
im just tying up some legal lose ends none of which is you business
she says then who are the daffodils for Elvis
he says hmmmm he gets up and leaves
she laughs ,,,i think

sami is all dressed up for her date
with EJ
pretty pink dress
she is putting on her lipstick and says
Will is right , be yourself and dont let EJ micromanage you
there is a knock on the door
she says he is early
she opens the door
its rafe

jen and brady finish the pretzel
he says how about the same time next week
she says ok, you have to let me buy the pretzel though

dan says he doesnt want to hurt
if she is happy he is happy
she says i am
its not because of nick
he says congratulations
and hugs her
At the coffee place
Adrienne talks to sonny
she wants him to find someone kind and handsome
she thinks Brian would be good
sonny says they are just friends
she wonder if he is interested in someone
he says yeah
she says do i know him
he says yeah its Will
she says Will,,Will Horton

Will talks to T outside the pub
T tells him that he heard Sonny say he was into him

Ej is outside the coffee place
looks at his phone
he has that new family picture on it
of him and sami and the kids
and he calls her
sami is still at the door with rafe
who is starring at her
he says looks like you have plans
she says yeah im just getting ready to leave
he says going to see EJ
you are such a fool
she says really ,you came all the way over here to tell me that
rafe says he is not the right man for you,,,,he is not
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