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EJ will never allow his son to be named after Rafe and Daniel truly sickens me I can't believe they have Nicole spouting this crap. This show is just not worth a raised blood pressure, not with the current writing. How do they expect to turn things around when they are possibly worse than MarDar (who knew that was even possible). The only credit to TomSell is they are not writing EJ and Sami as if they are mutually in love (a condition that is truly non existent for these two), not with their history. Nicole is projecting her feelings and confusing gratitude for love for Daniel and has at least been called out for it by someone who at least knows her but it doesn't lessen the blow with the name. On the other hand if EJ was not acting like the biggest jerk, we would have Elvis John Jr Dimera or even Alexander Brandon Dimera instead of the Rafael Daniel Hernandez travesty....I want to gag at the need thought of it.

Someone please make this nightmare stop!
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