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Jen - Yeah Daniel's a great dad. The way he is with Melanie reminds me of how Jack was with Abigail.

This is so disgusting, I'm tempted to reach for that "throw-up" emoticon. I won't even go into all the reasons why Jennifer's statement is such a pile of baloney.

So, let me get this straight. Last year, under HigTomSell, Jack was so reprehensible that Jennifer was constantly finding fault with him while praising the oh-so-perfect and wonderful Dr. Dan to the heavens in sharp contrast. This year, under TomSell, Jennifer is praising Dr. Dan once again, only this time, it's to hold him up as being as wonderful as Jack is. What the heck?!

Apparently, Daniel can't be wonderful on his own, it always has to be in comparison or contrast to Jack. Please writers, just give this whole Dannifer thing a rest.

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