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Every time I see the name Janet Iacobuzio, I figure it'll be a crap episode.

And every time Jen-Jen tries to compare Daniel favorably to Jack, I cringe. Daniel/Melanie reminds her of Jack/Abigail ? Seriously? A lifetime of devotion and the ultimate self-sacrifice vs. a couple of years of insta-daddyhood and some inappropriate Jonas Family cuddling--yeah, the similarities just jump out at me. :sarcasm:

I wish I could be sure that Jen-Jen's continued avoidance of dealing with her loss would come back to bite her on the ass. Because that would actually be a decent story.

Daniel Rafael? Oh, that poor kid. I hope he gets a name change when he actually makes his appearance. If he's even allowed to, that is.

The Trials of Sami and Melanie . . . :sleep:

Why couldn't Adrienne have been on more when her brother was alive?

TFP, Pat & Skye.
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