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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

Sep 11 2012, 02:18 PM
she says what do you think of the name Daniel Rafael Hernandez

:lol: LMAO

she says if ej and i are going to work towards having a relationship
we are both aware that it affects a lot of people besides us
Will says maybe he is having a better effect on you than i thought

will says you always do what you want to do why do you care what i think
she says i always care what you think but now i can ask you cuz you are old enough and you are better than most people in this town at being objective about EJ
he says underneath it all i think he is a good person
she says do you think it will work for us this time
he says i didnt at first but
i have given it thought and if you really want to be together you should try ,i will root for you help you , what ever

Wait, what? EJ and Ejami pimping continuing from Will? Did Tomlin get kidnapped? Meanwhile, more evidence that SoapOperaFan spoilers are not to be trusted.
Will pimped them in 2010 too....to his own dad no less....that lasted about half a month and then it was OVER. I can't pay attention to what any of the characters say anymore, because frankly nothing means anything anymore....especially on this show.....so Will was blackmailed worked for EJ for about 8 months and he knows him? Okay...whatever dude....

Oh and on the name....I have no words....none....
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